Stress-free WordPress.

Speed & security optimized hosting. Professionally designed website templates. 24/7 WordPress services.

Hyper-optimized WordPress hosting.

Carefully crafted cloud hosting that pushes the boundaries of WP performance, speed, and security.

Yeah... it's that fast.

Our templates score 95%+ on Google Pagespeed. All optimizations are built-in.

Conversion-focused blueprints included.

Blueprints are one-click, pre-designed, pre-optimized starter sites that will save you weeks of design & dev time.

A modern blueprint with custom typography that's proven to convert visitors to revenue.
Clean, bold design with multiple homepages and blog layouts. Perfect for SaaS & agency.
Dark Mode
Dark and sophisticated SaaS template showcasing dashboard screenshots and benefits.

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No more grey hairs. This shit runs smooth.

Update everything from your dashboard or upgrade to our Fully Managed plan and sit back & relax.

We're not f*cking around.

Super simple pricing.

Just Hosting

✅ Isolated hosting environment
✅ Fastest WordPress hosting
✅ Staging included
✅ Automated daily backups
✅ Unlimited visitors & page views
✅ Exclusive plugin discounts
✅ Super fast HTTP/2
✅ Built-in transactional email
✅ One-click Blueprint import


Limited low price!

Fully Managed

😊 Everything from Just Hosting
✅ Same-day WordPress core updates
✅ Twice weekly plugin updates
✅ 24/7 security & uptime monitoring
✅ Malware removal


100% stress-free

Your questions answered.

Our technology stack is carefully crafted to run WordPress with the most efficient, fast, and powerful system possible. You can learn more about our technology here.

All of our one-click install templates include all speed and performance settings. That means you choose a template, edit your new site, and launch without dealing with any complicated configurations. Our system does the heavy lifting.

All of our Blueprints score 95%+ on Google Pagespeed out of the box.

  1. No shared hosting. Every website launched on our platform is in its own environment. This means superior speed/performance + security across the board.
  2. Our technology stack is 100% optimized for WordPress. Our sites come out of the box with 98%+ Google Pagespeed scores.
  3. No guessing about what WordPress theme or plugins to use. Our one-click templates come loaded with the ideal stack for any type of website you could want to build.
  4. There are no traffic limits and you get powerful, fast hosting for a flat rate, no surprises.
  5. We offer additional services and hands-on support to keep your website healthy and profitable.
  1. No vendor lock-in. You can move your site any time you want. You're not locked in to using our hosting or services.
  2. Ultimate flexibility. The WordPress ecosystem includes thousands of free & paid plugins to add any kind of functionality you could want. From Ecommerce to creating your own social media network, anything is possible with WordPress.
  3. There are no traffic limits and you get powerful, fast hosting for a flat rate, no surprises.
  4. We offer additional services and hands-on support to keep your website healthy and profitable.

Yes, absolutely. Using any migration plugin (Duplicator, etc.) you can move your site over and utilize our superior infrastructure.

Since your website is hosted in an isolated Docker-powered environment, your website flexes to any traffic (it will never go down because of a traffic surge).


We are very generous with limits and we haven't had a user go over our limits yet. That means you don't need to worry about your website. Drive traffic and make profits!


  • We have no traffic limits (other hosts charge you per this and per that, no nickel and diming here)
  • We built the best WordPress system ever (it's premium!)
  • We support you (we will go above and beyond to make sure your website is running great!)
  • We want to continue to improve and grow (need $ for that!)

Long run... it's cheap. How much is your peace of mind worth?

If it's a standard issue with your WordPress website, of course. Our support team is always here to help.

However support on non-standard issues will require paid professional help above and beyond standard support.

Absolutely, get in touch via live chat and we'll take it from there.

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