Best Project Management Software for Digital Agencies (2022)

In this article, we’ll show you how we manage our team and projects, so there’s never a missed deadline.

agency project management meme

How do you know which is the best project management software for your digital agency?

There are so many project management softwares out there and many are touted as the top picks for digital agencies.

The fact is, 100% of those failed when we put them to the test.

In the past we tried Trello, Basecamp, Asana, and more – but just couldn’t find one that notified our team reliably, integrated with our current software stack, and was easy to use!

After years of searching and hundreds of dollars – we’ve finally found the stack that works perfectly for us.

I’ll start with our Project Management software stack, which I think is perfect for 99% of digital agencies that need to manage projects, manage their business, track time, manage teams, and give clients the best service possible.


Notion is amazing. Now that they’ve brought their API out of beta, this tool really starts to become viable.

The plans are extremely reasonable and the UI is taking the industry by storm.

Definitely worth checking.


We use Slack for all internal communication.

With channels and automations, it keeps things from getting messy.


Since we’re such big WordPress fans, ProjectHuddle is a no-brainer.

ProjectHuddle helps clients make changes in a visual environment. It’s basically like sticky notes on your website project.


Best project management software for agencies

We’ve taken a deep look at this product, and it really is impressive. Track timesheets, hire remote staff, invoice clients, manage projects – all within their unified app.

Take a look at Hubstaff if you want to maximize billable hours for your digital agency, plus it integrates with Clickup and the tools we mentioned before.


Teamwork project management app
Teamwork makes project management very easy, including time tracking and resource management.

Teamwork is a full project management suite that I recently took a look at.

We’ll be adding more videos and instructions on how to use the best project management software for digital agencies.

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